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What is Worth Its Weight?

What items do you accept?

We accept clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, purses, jewellery, household bric a brac. As donations we can accept books, cd/dvds and linen.

How much do I get paid?

Our trained cabin staff will weigh your donations. We offer 40p per kg for all items and 10p per kg for household items.

Do you collect take furniture?

We do not accept furniture, or big bulky items such as push chairs, cots, exercise machines etc

Where are you located?

Please visit our list of locations https://worth-its-weight.com/our-locations/

Do you take bank transfer?

Our cabins are operated by a cash only system.

How much can you accept?

Our trained staff are able to help accommodate items brought in. They will weigh your items on the spot. Our staff have discretion with items donated. All items need to be good condition as all items are put back into the economy and rehomed.

Where do the items go?

All items are categorised and sent to areas in the world that need them such as Africa, Ukraine & the Middle East.