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Cash For Bric-a-brac – Get Cash For Your Unwanted Household Items

Repurpose household items, declutter your home, and earn extra cash quickly and easily.

Make Quick Money With Our Cash For Bric-a-brac

It is easy to let the number of things you no longer need or use in your house accumulate over time, taking up valuable space, and cluttering your home. With the price of everything increasing, it can seem like a shame to throw away things you spent your hard-earned money on.

Our cash for bric-a-brac service is an easy solution that can help you to clear out any unwanted household items that have accumulated, and even better, pays you for doing so. 

Simply bring your old household items to any of our cash for bric-a-brac locations, have them weighed, and exchange them for cash. It’s that simple.

Declutter your home and earn cash today.

Cash For Household Items - What Can I Exchange?

At our cash for bric-a-brac branches, we accept a wide range of household items that you can exchange for cash. While we do accept and repurpose most household items and bric-a-brac, we can’t accept everything. See below for examples of items we accept with our cash for household items service:

Bric-a-brac We Accept

All the household bric-a-brac we accept gets weighed, and then paid out at 10p/kg. We understand that “household items” and “bric-a-brac” are pretty broad categories. So if 

you are unsure if an item can be accepted as part of our cash for household items service, get in touch with our team. Our friendly team will be able to give you some further guidance on what you can exchange for cash.

You can also visit one of our sites local to you, where we’ll be happy to help you sort, weigh and repurpose your household items for cash.

Accepted household items:

  • Toys
  • Vases
  • Crockery 
  • Kitchenware

Bric-a-brac We Don’t Accept

As much as we would like to, we can’t accept and repurpose all household items, due to either the logistics of processing items, or they are not accepted by the communities and parties we partner with to upcycle your household items. Because of this, we don’t accept the following at our bric-a-brac for cash branches:

  • Damaged or unusable items
  • Furniture
  • Baby strollers
  • Board games & Puzzles

The Extra Benefits of Using Our Cash For Clothes

By using our cash for household items services, not only do you get the cash for repurposing your household items, you are also making a positive contribution to both environmental and people in need causes.

By bringing in your unwanted household items to our cash for bric-a-brac service, you can help to keep more items out of landfills, helping the environment. In addition to this, part of our cash for household items service is that we upcycle clothes and items to communities in need, who will benefit from them.

Not only does this give your unwanted items a new lease on life, but it can really make a positive impact on somebody’s life. We definitely think that makes your unwanted household items worth their weight.

Find a Cash for Bric-a-brac Location Near You

Click below to find out nearest cash for bric-a-brac branch near you. Free up your home from unwanted items today, and start making some extra cash.

Looking to Exchange More Than Just Household Items?

Our cash for household items is only a part of the service that we provide at Worth Its Weight. We also accept other groups of items, such as clothes and shoes, that you can also exchange for cash. Here are some of the other groups of items that we accept as part of our cash for bric-a-brac service:

Cash For Bric-a-brac FAQs

How much does cash for bric-a-brac services pay?

For our cash for bric-a-brac service, we weigh the household items you bring in, and then pay you 10p per kg for any accepted items. You are paid in cash for the total weight of your items, which can be a mix of household items, clothes, shoes etc. We cannot accept wet, damaged, or unusable household items, so please bear in mind that before visiting one of our branches.

What happens to the repurposed household items?

After you have exchanged your household items with our cash for bric-a-brac service, we store items while we wait to be able to deliver them to their next destination. We work to upcycle your items, by bringing them to communities who will benefit from them the most, in areas such as Africa, South America, The Philippines, Ukraine, and the Middle East.