We Weigh. Then Pay. For Your Unwanted Things.

Welcome to Worth its Weight. The simple way to earn quick cash for your unwanted clothes and household items.

Welcome to Worth its Weight.  Cash for Clothes and More.

The simple way to earn quick cash for your unwanted clothes and household items.

It couldn’t be easier. Just bring your items to one of our branches. Then we weigh them and pay you cash on the spot.  That’s cash straight into your pocket.

And what’s more, by bringing your clothes to Worth its Weight, you’re also doing your bit for the environment and the circular economy. All of the items we buy are put back into circulation to be rehomed and reused by those communities that really need them, rather than going into landfill or sitting idle in storage.
So you can enjoy the feel of that cash in your pocket with a clear conscience as well. Now that’s really Worth its Weight.

   How it works

First, check which items we can take


Then put all of your unwanted things into a bin bag or box (no need to sort them)


​Take them to one of our drop off points


We weigh your items and pay you on the spot in cash


We then ship the items to markets in the UK, Africa, Middle East and Ukraine.


Cash for Clothes and Much More. What We Recycle.

We pay cash on the spot, take a look at the full list  of things we can and cannot accept, and how much we pay, below:

Items we Accept


We pay: 40p / kg


We pay: 40p / kg


We pay: 40p / kg


We pay: 40p / kg


We pay: 40p / kg


We pay: 40p / kg


(50% full or more)

We pay: 40p / kg


(new only)

We pay: 40p / kg

All household

bric a brac

We pay: 10p / kg


Taken as donation


computer games

Taken as donation


Taken as donation

Items we Cannot Accept


damaged or 

dirty clothes or shoes



(that are personalised)

Our Locations

We currently have shops in 13 locations around England and are adding new ones all of the time. To find your nearest drop off location, simply enter your postcode into our handy tool and pop along to see us.

WIW Location Map

Helping the Environment and Third World

Selling your unwanted things to us is Worth its Weight in more ways than one. It’s not just about the cold hard cash you receive (although that helps), but in how you are helping both the environment and the third world. Here are some facts you may find surprising:

What’s more, by selling your clothes to us, you are helping to develop the circular economy of the countries that need it most. Read this excellent piece from The Guardian to find out more.

Alan Bonser - Hertford
Lovely to be able to give my clothes and household items a second chance to be of use to someone else, and get paid too.
Susan Day - Chichester
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Worth its Weight and I must say that the service I received was exceptional. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.
Petra - Waterlooville
My decluttering task became a rewarding endeavour! The service was smooth and the staff were friendly. It was great to earn instant cash for my clothes, whilst helping the planet. Bothe a hassle-free and profitable experience.
Mark Richards - Bournemouth
My overall experience was very great and I will definitely use their services again.
Mrs Smith - Woking
I left the Worth its Weight shop feeling very satisfied that I had put my unwanted things back into circulation.
Marlene F. - Margate
What a great idea, getting paid to upcycle my unused clothes and shoes.

News and Blogs

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