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Anglo Recycling Wins an Award: Climate Action Award

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! Anglo Recycling has won the award for “Climate Action Award” at the 2023 Global Business Excellence Awards.

The Global business Excellence awards takes pride in their extensive panel of impartial expert judges who meticulously choose winners based on stringent criteria tailored to each category and industry.

Commenting on Anglo Recycling Company, the winner in the Climate Action Award, the chairman of the judges said: “Congratulations to Anglo Recycling Company for being a pioneer of the circular economy through the recycling of waste materials and promoting responsible consumption. Through its operations it collects or buys unwanted items, such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, and household items, and sells them or makes sure they go to a new home where they are needed in the UK or overseas. Anglo Recycling has prevented thousands and thousands of tons of waste from going into landfill, making a massive contribution to a greener and more sustainable society.”

Our journey at Anglo Recycling started with a simple mission: to make recycling easy, efficient, and impactful. Throughout our journey, we’ve constantly strived to innovate and lead by example in the recycling industry. With our ventures like the Anglo Doorstep Collections and Worth its Weight, we’ve bridged the gap between households and sustainable solutions. 

Anglo Doorstep Collections brought about a transformation in the way households engaged with recycling. Rather than perceiving unused clothing as mere clutter, homeowners started viewing them as valuable resources capable of creating a favourable environmental change. Through our free doorstep collection service, we have enabled people to have a vital role in building a more sustainable future for us all from the comfort of their homes.

This recognition transcends our organisation, it symbolises the collective effort of every person, household and partner who has shared our vision and embarked on this journey for positive change. Your steadfast approach and trust have been instrumental in propelling our growth and achievements. We pledge to honour this trust and persist in spearheading the cause for global climate change.

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